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"Every organization, not just business, needs one core competence: innovation."

- Peter F. Drucker



Innovation is Inspiration+Determination

Companies, Organizations and Teams often struggle with harvesting their potential as they lack the expertise to map the tangible steps towards turning an idea into a physical and viable product or service.   Our “My Smartpack” unique offering facilitates progress by using assessment tools to identify and evaluate your culture and subcultures (how you do things), operating practices, initiatives and goals that influence your daily focus and efforts.  We share our observations and validate them with you before any recommendation is made, because as everyone knows a good map is always the best way to determine where you are and where you would like to go. 

So where would you like to go?  Our real value to you starts here as we use the information gathered to chart a path or roadmap that leverages your strengths while addressing weaknesses. That may require business process reengineering, people/team realignments, and the introduction of outside resources for specific subject matter expertise related to your industry or to support a task in your customized Innovation Remediation Plan.  We have extensive academic and professional partnerships that make us a robust and flexible resource to our customers as they drive towards turning their ideas into new revenue.   Your customized “My Smartpack” solution will optimize your new product and services development potential.

My Smartpack Formula

1.     Culture Assessment and Interviews

2.     Co-develop the Assessment Map with our Clients

3.     Co-develop the Innovation Remediation Plan with our Clients

4.     Staff the Plan with Client resources and Smart Pack Subject Matter Experts

5.     Fully support our Clients with Implementing the Plan that delivers viable products or services









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